Side blocks and appendixes

Matthijs Cornelissen
last revision: 17 August 2023

Side blocks

Many chapters have side blocks that are basically meant for students. They are designed to encourage active engagement with the text: they ask questions, suggest things to do or pay special attention to and so on. As not everybody likes such intrusions in their reading process, the online version of this text has a Student Questions button in the top-right corner of the screen which can switch the side blocks On or Off.

The Appendix

In the Appendix you'll find things that may be of interest to some but not to all readers. Most chapters of the Appendix give more detail about things that have only been hinted at or described in a very short form within the main text.

The appendix also includes a short biography of Sri Aurobindo, an annotated bibliography, glossary and index.

Inline symbols that link to additional texts

DW-INFINITY This icon occurs most often. Its little light links to a short explanation of a word or phrase which is used in a special sense that may not be immediately obvious from the context.
DW-INFINITY This icon refers to a story. (The symbol is not very good, though, as most of these stories were told long before books existed! Suggestions welcome.)
DW-INFINITY This symbol links to a text by Sri Aurobindo.
DW-INFINITY This to a text by the Mother.