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The Master of works meets us on the path...
first uploaded: 29 April 2022

Only when we cross the border into a larger luminous consciousness ... will there be revealed to us the Master of our existence ... But that is the end of a long and difficult journey, and the Master of works does not wait till then to meet the seeker on the path of Yoga...

Infinity in a Drop — the Divine

The many faces of the Divine
first uploaded: 12 March 2024

Because everything is that One, there must be this endless variety in the human approach to its possession; ... the timeless Self, the Self possessing Time, Lord of Nature, creator and continent of the cosmos and immanent in all existences ... this is the truth of being to which man’s knowledge of Nature and cosmos is leading him and which he will reach when his Nature-knowledge unites itself with his God-knowledge.

A roughly constituted chaos

The Three Steps of Nature
first uploaded: 24 February 2024

We perceive, then, these three steps in Nature, a bodily life ... a mental life ... and a divine existence which is at once the goal of the other two and returns upon them to liberate them into their highest possibilities. Regarding ... this liberation and fulfilment as ... a large and important part of the aim of Yoga.

Infinity in a Drop — The Mother

The Tree of Good and Evil
first uploaded: 7 March 2023

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil with its sweet and bitter fruits is secretly rooted in the very nature of the Inconscience...
The true solution can intervene only when by our spiritual growth we can become one self with all beings, know them as part of our self, deal with them as if they were our other selves;...
[We cannot] deal rightly with others so long as they are to us others.

Infinity —Teacher

A conscious force manifesting the world
first uploaded: 16 October 2022

If modern Materialism were simply an unintelligent acquiescence in the material life, the advance might be indefinitely delayed. But since its very soul is the search for Knowledge, it will be unable to cry a halt; as it reaches the barriers of sense-knowledge and of the reasoning from sense-knowledge, its very rush will carry it beyond and the rapidity and sureness with which it has embraced the visible universe ... we may hope to see repeated in the conquest of what lies beyond.

Infinity — He and She

Matter’s first self-view
first uploaded: October, 2022

Above us dwells a superconscient God
Hidden in the mystery of his own light:
Around us is a vast of ignorance...

Infinity in a Drop — The Mother

The Philosophy of Rebirth
first uploaded: 11 February 2022

Human life is itself only a term in a graded series, through which the secret Spirit in the universe develops gradually his purpose and works it out finally through the enlarging and ascending individual soul-consciousness in the body.

Infinity — He and She

When darkness deepens
From Savitri

first uploaded: 16 August 2022

When darkness deepens strangling the earth’s breast
God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep...

Infinity in a Drop — The Mother

Overcoming inner difficulties
first uploaded: 13 August 2022

Accept this divine possibility in you; have faith in your inner being and its spiritual destiny. Make its development as a portion of the Divine your aim in life, — for a great and serious aim in life is a most powerful help towards getting rid of this kind of disturbing or disabling nervous weakness.... Accept too the help we can give you, not shutting yourself against it by disbelief, despair or unfounded revolt.

Infinity in a Drop — The Mother

Difficulties on the way
first uploaded: 19 February 2024

Certainly, the practical values given us by our senses and by the dualistic sense-mind must hold good in their field... But they do not represent the last and highest state of human life and knowledge.

Infinity —the aim

The aim of integral Yoga
From "The four aids" in The Synthesis of Yoga
first uploaded: 27 July 2022

This is the entire definition of the aim of integral Yoga; ... the conversion of the human soul into the divine soul and of natural life into divine living.

Infinity —Teacher

Truth, not a blind Nature-Force
first uploaded: July, 2022

This is not all we are or all our world ...
Truth made the world, not a blind Nature-Force.

Infinity —Teacher

The Universe and the Individual
first uploaded: 26 July 2022

The universe and the individual are necessary to each other in their ascent. Always indeed they exist for each other ... God having entirely become Nature, Nature seeks to become progressively God.

Infinity — He and She

He and She
first uploaded: March 2022

There are Two who are One and play in many worlds;
In Knowledge and Ignorance they have spoken and met...
He moves there as the Soul, as Nature she.

Infinity in a Drop — The Mother

Sharing knowledge by identity
first uploaded: 19 March 2022

There is then a supreme Reality eternal, absolute and infinite. ... It is indefinable and inconceivable by finite and defining Mind ... yet self-evident to a ... spiritual experience in the very substance of our consciousness; ... the intellect must consent to pass out of the bounds of a finite logic and accustom itself to the logic of the Infinite.

Infinity in a Drop — The Mother

The Supermind as creator
first uploaded: 13 February 2022

All Nature is simply ... the Seer-Will, the Knowledge-Force of the Conscious-Being at work to evolve in force and form all the inevitable truth of the Idea into which it has originally thrown itself.


Education in a spiritualised society
first uploaded: 16 October 2022

Formerly, [long before WW-I] education was merely a mechanical forcing of the child’s nature into arbitrary grooves of training and knowledge ... a society which was even initially spiritualised would make the revealing and finding of the divine Self in man the supreme ... aim of ... its education.

Infinity — siddhis

Siddhis, their justification, dangers and use
first uploaded: 11 February 2022

[T]]hese powers are not miraculous, but powers of Nature, which manifest of themselves as soon as the vijnanapadma in us begins to open, & are no more a cause for bragging & vanity than the power of eating & breathing or anything else that is Nature’s.

Infinity — Fate and Free-Will

Fate and free-will
first uploaded: 11 February 2022

The gradual self-liberation from bondage to Nature is the true progress of humanity. The inert stone or block is a passive sport of natural laws, God is their Master. Man stands between these two extreme terms and moves upward from one to the other.

Infinity —Teacher

The teacher – I
first uploaded: 11 February 2022

As the supreme Shastra of the integral Yoga is the eternal Veda secret in the heart of every man, so its supreme Guide and Teacher is the inner Guide, the World-Teacher, jagad-guru, secret within us.

Infinity —Teacher

The teacher – II
first uploaded: 11 February 2022

The surest way towards this integral fulfilment is to find the Master of the secret who dwells within us... [but the] spiritual progress of most human beings demands an extraneous support, ... an external image of God; or ... a human representative.

Infinity —Teacher

The teacher – III
first uploaded: 11 February 2022

The Teacher of the integral Yoga will follow as far as he may the method of the Teacher within us. He will lead the disciple through the nature of the disciple. Teaching, example, influence, — these are the three instruments of the Guru.