Dream-notes to bring the Real close


Two dreams

first uploaded: October 5, 2020

How seemingly random events and seemingly independent agents help to give a shape to the story of our lives.


people are more like poems than like stacks of cards.
Matthijs: January 5, 2021

In their basic nature people are closer to poems than to stacks of cards, so .... the ability to enjoy poetry should be considered indispensable for psychologists.

Infinity in a Drop — matthijs

beyond physicalism: why we need Sri Aurobindo’s vision
Matthijs: July 30, 2016

physicalism has been an unmitigated disaster for the humanities and for our understanding of ourselves...

Infinity in a Drop — matthijs

two ways of applying Indian Psychology
Matthijs: April 14, 2013

There are two distinct ways in which Indian Psychology can be applied. The first could be called instrumental or pragmatic, the second essential or paradigmatic.

Infinity in a Drop — matthijs

the golden youth cooperative
Matthijs: May 11, 2011

Imagine a group of young people entirely moved by Truth, Nobility, Light, Love, Beauty...